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ResortFinds Featured on Pintrist

Resortfinds is thrilled to be featured on Aceatthebeach ,out of Seaside Florida ,Pintrist. " May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand between your toes " is the motto of Ace which corresponds perfectly to our resort wear. Ace is an animal lover ( as we are ) and is obsessed with all things outdoors especially the beach!

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Lisa Kelly Creative Kaftans Australia come to Los Angeles

Lisa Kelly more commonly known as LK grew up on the sunny coast north of Sydney. She grew up creating her own designs to ensure she would stand out in the land of bikini's and beachwear. 

After graduating from the famed Sydney Fashion Design College, she kicked off her career as a design room assistant where she began to learn the ins and outs of lingerie and swimwear. She has continued to perfect her trade working  with iconic Australian and International Brands which included working with the Kardashians, the renowned Rachel Roy and creative talent Annie Leibovitz. Noticing a need for "sand to twilight" resort wear, Lisa created kaftans to embody an effortless, luxurious and optimistic lifestyle.

We are so...

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Hamsa Charm on Ladli Kaftans

We just had a customer run up to one of Ladli's kaftans and notice the charm ( wonderful detail) and tell us she knew the symbol and had to have the dress. We did some research and it turns out tradition says the symbol is to ward off the evil eye. Another meaning of this symbol relates to the sky god. Horus. It refers to the eye of Horus, which means humans cannot escape from the eye of conscience. It says the sun and moon are the eyes of Horus. What a wonderful symbol to have on your beautiful kaftans!!!

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