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Best European Cities For Vacation

Many European cities are celebrated for their residents’ sense of fashion, with major metropolitan areas frequently the sites for huge fashion shows. They also serve as vacation hotspots for those who like to travel in style. 

Check out some of the top European vacation destinations to add to your jet-setter list:



It may seem cliche, but what European cities list is complete without Paris? A fashion and cultural mecca, Paris features plenty of famous landmarks and attractions, including the Louvre museum, the Eiffel Tower, and the Notre Dame Cathedral to name a mere few.



Florence is one of many stylish Italian cities to visit, and is steeped in beautiful architecture, renowned museums, and delicious cuisine. In between sampling fare and admiring various structures, be sure to climb to the top of the Duomo (cathedral) and pay a visit to Michelangelo's David.



Another bustling European city that’s become more and more popular as a travel destination, Prague features statue-lined bridges, lots of narrow streets, and even a hilltop castle. One of the more affordable European cities, Prague offers much to see and do, including checking out the Astronomical Clock in Old Town and paying a visit to the National Theater.



All the cool kids are heading to Amsterdam, which offers much more than its infamous Red Light District. Stylish and hip, Amsterdam features twilight canal rides, fabulous boutiques on Nine Street, and those well-known “coffee” shops among other highlights.



Is London calling? Another major European city full of stylish residents, London is laden with things to do, from visiting the Tower of London to exploring Westminster Abbey or the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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