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About Sita Couture

Upon meeting Sita one can notice that she is as beautiful on the inside as the outside. The detail and exquisite design of the Mermaid Collection grabbed me immediately. All sizes and shapes look amazing in her clothes. Why the name Sita? Sita is the goddess of womanhood with virtues such as dedication, courage, and compassion.

Sita is a Los Angeles based designer who uses eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturers in Los Angeles. How she keeps her price point where it is, always amazes me.  She has been awarded the National Friendship Award for being a role model for society as well as being awarded by the J.D. Fashion Institute for fashion contribution in film and television. I am honored to present you with her beautiful , natural elegant collections. She addresses every aspect of the business with respect and diligence. From her manufacturing partners to the fabrics she uses, she is mindful of her global and social responsibility. A mission that makes me feel good about wearing her clothes.

Her pieces are Elegant and Easy, Fearlessly Sexy, and Contemporary.

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