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About Us

We like to shop like you do. What better to focus on than pieces that we can wear everyday to remind us of ease; low stress, and going on vacation. We have worked with many high-end designers and high end retailers...We wanted to find new collections and new designers either not available in the U. S. or  U.S. designers on the cusp . These collections are focused on fabric and a fit for everyone...all ages and sizes; a glitch in the world of fashion. We are just women with a bit of a background in fashion who truly just buy what we like and what we get compliments on to bring our finds to you.

At ResortFinds quality is very important to us. Our pieces from Europe are crafted using Italian fabrics and materials, and feature timeless silhouettes.

We pride ourselves on being one of the top online retailers that offers exclusive pieces not sold in the U.S. Our specialty is simple, elegant wearable fashion. We are based in Los Angeles.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments- we love hearing from our customers!